Since 1975 Bioscan Inc. has provided radiology facilities and companies worldwide with cost saving services.

  • Used Equipment Purchased - We purchase used systems. For an estimated value please e-mail

  • Equipment Removal - Expert removal of all modalities MRI, Magnets, RF Systems, CATH/ANGIO Labs, Radiographic Systems. Short notice removal our specialty!

  • Equipment Disposal - Disposal of high voltage transformers and other obsolete parts.

  • Transport And Shipment - Shipment of systems in the USA, Europe and Asia.

  • Equipment Storage - Equipment stored for later shipments. Cold storage of magnets. Mobile system and trailer storage.

  • Packing, Boxing and Loading of Containers - Complete packing and boxing facilities located at our Poway facility. We will expertly load your container and even handle the freight forwarding and booking of cargo.

  • System Prestaging and Testing - Prestaging and testing facilities are available at our Poway, California facility for Mobile MRI, CATH/ANGIO Labs, RF and Radiographic Systems.

  • Image Intensifier and X-Ray Tube Testing and Reload - Reloading of your housing with a high quality guaranteed used image intensifier or x-ray tube.

  • Upgrades and Retrofits - Upgrading of Mobile C-Arms and other equipment with large field of view image intensifiers and new CCD Television Systems

  • Component Repair - Repair of power supplies, monitors, circuit boards and motors.

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